Stingray's Court

Court Safety First!

Court Shoes, Protective Eyewear, Warm Up, Pre / Post Play Stretch Exercises & especially Hydration (e.g., Electrolytes) 

Pickleball Recreation Play, Practice/Drills or Tournament Preparation

An addictive sport for all ages. Good for the body, mind and soul as each game enhances your skills and experience. I focus on Singles, Mini-Singles, Doubles Preparation for USAP Nationals / APP Tournaments.

Never played before? Great! This is for you...Inviting all New 1.0 players to Intermediate 3.0 players only!  

Tennis Players; give it a try and improve your net game, you'll  be glad you did! 

Once comfortable with your progress, I will offer, upon request, instruction / clinic resource options for advanced players 3.5 to Pro level in either Marco Island or Naples.

Drive, Drop/Dink, Lob, Spin, Poach, Stack?

Each with purpose...learn why, when, where...EASY PEASY!

Placement or Power?

Important approaches, there is a time and place for both...Want to learn more??

Stingray Defined

The Stingray is a cordial, shy, graceful creature ....Until......Well, if provoked,...Game On!!

Stingray is my given Court name from Tennis and now adopted by Pickleball. I've medaled, won and lost a fare amount of matches in the US...I offer to share my 7  years of Instruction Clinics, Recreation play, Sanctioned Tournament, Nationals play experiences and learnings of this fantastic sport.

If preparing for tournaments / qualifiers, I offer practice sessions to accommodate Singles or Doubles play.

I may ask for your Court name! Think about it...          

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NPR - Your Health (Extreme Heat/Humidity)

Ray Schaffer, Certified Coach

           PPR, USAP Member &

Unofficial Ambassador at Large